zaterdag 18 oktober 2008

45. 18-10-2008 Worm, Rotterdam

Some slight technical problems in the first few pieces, but once the record is set straight, things worked out better. Second gig with Olga. Soundguy was Grrrt-Jan, whom I didn't recognize at first, but then I knew. One of the good guys from the bad old days. Oh well. (FdW)

Not quite sure what to make of this performance. It wasn’t the location; Worm is great – nice, very laid-back people, good food, free drinks, a fine sound technician. It wasn’t the film presentation of Barbara Meter before our performance. That was, in fact, good fun. Five semi-abstract films with the first-ever scientific proof of UFO’s thrown in for free. Great exhibition by Dutch artist extraordinaire Wim T. Schippers too. People travelled from Nijmegen to Rotterdam just to see us. No, it must have been the fact that we had very strange technical problems in the first three songs, which almost ruined the performance for me. Without going too much into technical details, it had to do with tempo problems, which were luckily solved after 3 songs. I doubt the audience really noticed this. It frustrated the hell out of me though. Still, the second part of the set went very good. Probably the last time we played the set as it has been for some performances now. Good. (FK).

recording source: hard disc recorder

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