dinsdag 18 oktober 2011

50. 13-10-2011 Ges 21, St. Petersburg, Russia

The second concert of the tour in St Petersburg and the first one as Beequeen with Olga on vocals. GES is a gorgeous club, hidden from its street entrance. You have to cross a few squares, walk up a few steps and then; lo and behold: there is a bar, a Beatle museum and some very friendly people. The supporting act Badoseneticcube featured a girl with a lovely voice singing traditional Russian songs stretched out into long soundscapes. The club had a grand piano on stage, which we used to great, if not exactly loud effect, on The Lord Is My Shepherd. Olga turned a few heads in her golden lamé dress. The concert went really well, probably the best one as the Beequeen threesome so far. All those rehearsals did paid off. The response from the audience was great; we sold CD’s and even had to sign a few of them. A really lovely evening! (FK)

Line recording.

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