dinsdag 18 oktober 2011

51. 14-10-2011 Art Workshop, Yaroslavl, Russia

We left St Petersburg in high spirits and relocated to Yaroslavl, some 300+ kilometers up north from Moscow. Originally scheduled to play at Dom Muz, we were diverted to what I can only describe as Artist Residence as it had no official name. The rescheduling was necessary because there was no electricity at Dom Muz. Beequeen unplugged – a nice thought! With Olga staying a day longer in St Petersburg, the show in Yaroslavl featured me on vocals. As a nice addition, and since we were the only band playing, we decided to do our own support act: as Wander we played a condensed version of our set (20 minutes), a short break and then we magically re-emerged as Beequeen for the second half of the show. Since I had to sing all the songs as well as play guitar (this time a six stringed one) and remember all the breaks in the songs, this was an evening I anticipated with some nerves, but it all worked wonderfully; both the Wander as the Beequeen set went really well. The concert was filmed with professional cameras. As a result, the full Wander show and the “after party” can both be found on YouTube. The after party in fact consisted of delicious home-made food and alcohol. With one in each hand we enjoyed the gorgeous night view of Yaroslavl from the 14th floor where the venue was based. (FK)
Line recording.

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