dinsdag 18 oktober 2011

52. 16-10-2011 Dom, Moscow, Russia

And then we came to the final concert of our short tour. How time flies! The second show in Moscow (as Beequeen with Olga singing) was quite an experience: neither the audience nor we were quite sure what to expect. We played third on a bill with 3 other bands, none of which sounded anything like Beequeen. But like magic, the audience became more and more enthusiastic with each song – as did we. The playing was smooth and good, the singing went great. A couple started dancing in the isle. People clapped along and laughed at our tiny jokes. The show ended before we all wanted it to end. To me the Dom concert was probably the most fun one to do. We made friends for life that evening and sold quite a few CD’s.After the show, we went out to celebrate with cocktails and were almost refused entrance at a posh cocktail bar. If the bouncer had known we were Beequeen, he would have offered us Mick Jagger’s seat. A great end to a great evening and tour. (FK)

microphone recording!

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