dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

20. 08-09-2000 Schloss Moyland, Kleve, Germany

Natursymfonie – Beuys keep swinging. This show was organized by Stephan Froleyks at the Schloss (castle) of Moyland. This castle holds the largest collection of artworks by Joseph Beuys, so as you can imagine we were thrilled to play there. Before the show, during the communal dinner, we watched probably the funniest Germanic performance ever (even though we were the only ones who thought so). We played in the evening in the middle of the woods next to the castle just in front of a mausoleum. A beautiful location. The show was very ambient and was recorded by both ourselves and the German national radio for later broadcast. The recordings made by Beequeen that night were released as an LP called Natursymfonie by US based label Beta-lactam Ring Records. The package features, among other things, autumn leaves from the actual site where we performed. After the show we spent the night in an early 20th century kurhaus which was beautiful. (FK)
Soundman: Raymond Steeg

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