dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

26. 09-04-2003 Flywheel Arts Center, USA

Most of the day was spent hanging around at Howie's playing records, which was fun. Jason Bryant cooked us a lavish breakfast. In the afternoon we drove the 2 odd hours to Easthampton, which looked like a Twin Peaks village between hills (does that make sense?). The Flywheel Arts Center is a really small and cosy place and we really enjoyed the atmosphere. The performance was one of the best of the tour despite the guitar mistake I made in "Pop pop fizz fizz". Damn. We met up with Idea Fire Company who did a great live show and are very friendly people. Scott Faust (IFC mainman) managed to change during the evening from his ultra-blue outfit into a ultra-yellow outfit, which was utterly brilliant. He was kind enough to trade some records with us as well. Dinnerwise some of us enjoyed a take-away pizza. After the performance we drove back to Boston. (FK)
Also performing: Stelzer and Talbot, Idea Fire Company, Andrew Liles.

recording source: mini disc

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