dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

38. 29-04-2004 Dobbelmanfabriek, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

For the second time, Beequeen was invited to perform at the "Wintergarden" poetry festival. For this performance we were specifically asked to perform Long Stones And Circles, which had been played at the previous "Wintergarden" festival in December 2003. This time the location was the Dobbelmanfabriek; a former soap factory. Even though the location was brilliant, the performance was pretty much ruined by the very talkative audience. During the quietest passages of the music, it was hard to hear ourselves play. A frustrating evening for us and for those who came to listen to the music. (FK)

recording source: mini disc. note that the glitch like sound is part of the recording, not the music.

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