dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

43. 18-12-2007 UMC Radboud, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

During the festive season, the hospital where I work organized a series of live shows by employees. Beequeen was duly invited. To remain in the true spirit of Christmas, we decided to perform a live Christmasstory embellished with songs. For the story we invited Frank Anthonie van Alphen, a semi-professional storyteller and writer from Nijmegen, who reworked the William Burroughs story A Junkie Xmas for the performance. We were slightly dubious if a hospital of a Christian signature would appreciate Burrough's tale of a junkie trying to get a his junk (literally) and finally giving his last shot to a young boy who dies as a consequence, but once we got the foulest words out, it all sounded fine. During the story telling, we played a couple of songs from our regular set. Quite a large crowd showed up at the performance, which went really well. We even received flowers after the show. A first. (FK)
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