dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

24. 07-04-2003 Berwick Research Institute, Boston, MA, USA

That morning we visited some record stores in Boston. Jason Bryant (Infraction records labelführer and co-organiser/driver of the tour) found a copy of the Beequeen - Ownliness CD marked 'promo' in the second-hand section of Twisted Village records. Now you know what happens to promo-CD's! That evening we played our first performance in front of an American audience. There had been a warning for a snowstorm in the Boston area, which may account for the fact that there were only approximately 10 people present. However, those present were very attentive to our music. Almost everyone seemed to be drinking alcohol from bottles hidden in brown paper bags. Jason Bryant went out to secure his own liquor and came back looking shocked; apparently the neighbourhood is not one of the best of Boston. He refused to tell what happened to him and he is still in denial as we speak. The performance went fine and afterwards we travelled home through the snow, which was really beautiful. Dinner that night was next to nothing since it started snowing and everything was closed - we are open 24/7 but not when it's snowing. (FK)
Also performing: TWIN, Andrew Liles.

recording source: mini disc

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