dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

37. 28-12-2003 Café Merleyn, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

After our previous show in Merleyn we discussed the possibility of Beequeen participating in the Wintergarden poetry festival. However, we heard nothing from the Merleyn crew after that and basically forgot about the whole thing. Much to our horror we noticed one week before the performance in the programme that we were appearing. Somehow, everybody had forgotten to mention this to us! This left us only a couple of days in a very hectic period for the both of us to come up with 20 minutes of new music based upon poetry. In the end we used the structure and the "Finding the first water into the canyon" poem by Richard Long, which we had previously used on our 3 inch CD Long Stones and Circles and changed this into a completely new track. The live performance went really well. In fact so well, that we decided to re-record the music in a studio setting and consider it for possible future release. (FK)

recording source: mini disc

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