dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

29. 13-04-2003 Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, NY, USA

From Buffalo to Rochester is a really short drive. Since it is also near the Niagara Falls, we decided to make a stop and see the falls. We crossed the border into Canada without any problems with customs even though we had 2 Dutch, 2 English and 1 American citizens on board and the car was absolutely stuffed with musical equipment. The falls were really impressive. Frans made recordings of the noise of the falling. After the visit to Niagara Falls we drove to Rochester where we set up at the Visual Studies Workshop. This was the first (and last) time we were ever offered a free drink upon arriving at a venue. Goody. The show went really well and ranks as one of the best of the tour. After the show we went to a local diner to get the infamous 'sloppy (or garbage) plate', which consists of French fries (or should we call them freedom fries?), macaroni, burgers and bread mixed with several sauces of unknown origin. We enjoyed our plates at home at Brannon and Cara's where we also stayed the night. A very eventful night for some of us. (FK)
Also performing: Brannon Hungness, ?, Andrew Liles.

recording source: mini disc

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