dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

30. 14-04-2003 ACME Art Company, Columbus, OH, USA

After a couple of hours driving we arrived in Columbus. On our way there we passed Lake Erie, which is a giant lake the size of a respectable European country. Before the show we enjoyed some drinks in a local 50's bar and browsed the nearby record store. At the ACME Art Company Andrew, Frans and myself played a special 10-minute thank you drone-piece for Jason Bryant who organised part of the tour, drove us around and generally put up with us. Because of the absence of a PA-system we were forced to play through a regular Sony stereo-system, which sounded not as bad as we had feared. The show itself went ok. After the show we drove to a Waffle House where we enjoyed, well, waffles. We had a great time during dinner and several embarrassing pictures of us wearing silly WH-hats were taken. Later that night we were pulled over by statetroopers for speeding. Even though the car was stuffed with interesting non-accounted for goods and people from everywhere without working permits, we were only given a warning - thank Jesu! We slept at Jason's girlfriends house in Massillon, which was really comfortable. The house also has a private lake with giant fish and turtles! (FK)
Also performing: Mike Shiflet, Andrew Liles.

recording source: mini disc

Beeuqeen concert

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