dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

31. 15-04-2003 Garfield Art Works, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

A long drive to Pittsburgh. When we arrived at the gallery, there was no-one present so we waited outside in the sun. After a while, we were able to set up and do our soundcheck. The show went really well, up until the computer crashed for the second time. Despite that we were well pleased with the show. We also sold quite a few CD's in Pittsburgh. Dinner was a typical US food place: large steaks and greasy pizza. At the restaurant I also witnessed a 'Lobster Machine'; a fun fair like machine with a mechanical arm. Put a Dollar in the slot and see if you can grab one of the life lobsters inside - oh, and remember; don't hurt their eyes. Disgusting! We stayed in Massillon again, which was really nice even though I was not allowed to swim in the lake. Alas. (FK)
Also performing: Pancreatic Aardvarks, Impercept, Andrew Liles.

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