dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

25. 08-04-2003 Evos Arts Center, Lowell, MA, USA

After a 1,5-hour drive we arrived in Lowell at RRRecords where we met up with Ron Lessard (who organised the show), which was really nice, as I had known him for many many years, but never got the chance to meet up with him in person. Of course the obligatory picture of us outside RRR with Ron was taken. I was really disappointed that I was 10 years too late for picking up my copy of the Emil Beaulieu LP, which you could only get if you visited RRR's in person. The Evos Arts Center turned out to be something of a rather rowdy former sportsbar. There were quite a number of people present and most of them seemed keen on speaking throughout the performances, which was annoying. Apart from that the performance went well, even though our computer crashed once. I also met Brian K. Smith of 4WAT whom I have known for years. It was a great pleasure to finally meet him and see 4WAT wrestle on stage. Before the performance we enjoyed a great Indian meal with a waiter who kept belching when he thought we couldn't see or hear him (we could - so strange). After the show we did a video-interview for Brainwashed. In the night we drove back to Boston. (FK)
Also performing: Stelzer/Talbot/Rawlings, 4-Way Anal Touchfight, Emil Beaulieau, Andrew Liles.

recording source: mini disc

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