dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

34. 19-04-2003 Living Arts Musuem, Reykjavik, Iceland

Upon arriving in Reykjavik we went to sleep almost immediately at Hilmar's house. After a couple of hours we drove into town and enjoyed the scenery. Iceland is a very impressive country! Dinner that evening was easily the best one we had during the tour; Hilmar treated us to a very posh fishrestaurant where I enjoyed catfish with crab and Frans had the reindeercarpachio and even whale - thank you Hilmar! The show was in an artgallery and was a real pleasure to do. Frans played a really good soloset as Freiband. The sound was great and there were quite a number of people present. Remarkable was the fact that there were many girls in the audience (in America we would normally draw a 99,9% male audience) and that they were a lot prettier than most US girls we saw. After the show we went into the city centre for a drink. And what a drink that was. We had a really great evening. We got back at 03.00 hours at Hilmar's house. (FK)
Also performing: Curver, Freiband and featuring artwork by Elin Hansdottir.

recording source: mini disc

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