dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

33. 17-04-2003 Free103.9, Brooklyn, NYC, USA

Question: what is it like to get lost in Brooklyn when it is dark outside? Answer: interesting enough to lock the doors of the car you're in. After a very very long drive from Cleveland (was it really close to 10 hours?) we arrived in the Big Apple. Brooklyn Free103.9 is an independent radio station, which is located in a squat-like building. Once passed the impressive entrée, the space itself is very friendly and features discolights, which light up to the beat of the music. The show went really well - one of the best of the tour. I met up with Mark and Moira at Brooklyn Free103.9, which was really nice. Mark and I have been corresponding for ages and he drove a long time just in order to see us play. After the show we drove to Seth Nehil's place where I spent a most uncomfortable night on the floor. Jason Bryant drove back to Ohio again straight after the show. He is a maniac really. Dinner that day consisted of fast food on the way. (FK)
Also performing: Andrew Liles, Seth Nehil, Stelzer and Talbot.

recording source: mini disc

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