dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

28. 12-04-2003 Soundlab, Buffalo, NY, USA

A long drive to Buffalo this time. The Big Orbit Soundlab put advertisements for our shows in the local papers billing us as 'Dutch drone legends'. Ha. The BOS turned out to be a large hall, which in case of a nuclear war was to be used as a fall-out shelter for the Buffalo population. A comforting thought. Our soundman was really something - he did manage to set everything up in the end and the sound was actually quite good. Even though we feared that no one would attend the show, the turn-up was quite high by the time we started playing. We did a good show. Afterwards we spent the night at Craig's, the owner of BOS, who owns an amazingly luxurious house. I slept really well that night in a 19th century enormous wooden bed. Our food consisted - yet again - of Indian food. (FK)
Also performing: Andrew Liles.

recording source: mini disc

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