dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

27. 11-04-2003 Rensellear Polytechnic Institute Troy, NY, USA

After a long drive we arrived in Troy late in the evening, after getting horribly lost in the city. Luckily the Troy students had arranged Indian takeaway food for us. The show went really well and there was a large audience present. Frans joined Howard and Jason for their performance that evening. We sold quite a few CD's. After the performance we went to a groovy bar in Troy, where I enjoyed a fantastic tuna fish sandwich and learned what pitchers are (fishtanks full of beer in case you're wondering). That night we stayed at Stephan's house, which was really nice. He has the habit of taking polaroid pictures of everyone who visits him. One of his walls is covered in polaroids. In Troy we said goodbye to Jason Talbot and Howard Stelzer and continued the tour with Jason Bryant. We dedicated the Troy show to Howard and Jason.
Also performing: Stelzer and Talbot (with Frans de Waard), Andrew Liles. (FK)

recording source: mini disc

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