dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

41. 09-12-2006 Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden

The Nursey Foundation organised for many years great concerts in Stockholm - vivid memories of zoviet&france & shifts together in 1998 - but they called it a day with this three day event with all sorts of drone music - from Eliane Radigue, Charlemagne Palestine, to Ronnie Sundin, The Idealist, Sheriff, BJ Nilsen (always nice to see him), Moljebka Pvlse and others. Beequeen played their long version of 'Long Stones' and showed a video to it, which someone said 'that looked like an Apple screen saver'; you can't please 'm all. Freek and his wife did sightseeing Stockholm, whereas I worked for 2 full days at the EMS studio four to record some great Bucla sounds, one day together with Joachim Nordwall, for a future work together. Never loose a day's work. (FDW)
recording source: computer (but the spoken word parts were hardly recorded)

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