dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

40. 14-01-2006 Goudvishal, Arnhem, The Netherlands

For many reasons this was an important show for Beequeen. First and foremost, Beequeen was joined on stage by Olga Wallis, who sang on two tracks. Her presence gave the Beequeen performance that night an extra intimate atmosphere. Secondly, a number of songs from the latest CD The Body Shop made their live debut. And last but not least, Beequeen played as support to The Legendary Pink Dots, which is always fun. The show went really well and everyone was well-pleased. A video recording as well as a recording straight from the mixing board was made that evening. The show was on a special gothic evening and much fun was had observing the audience, who had clearly dressed up specially for the event. Separate mention has to be made for the Professor Snape lookalike. He was amazing. (FK)

recording source: DAT

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